Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Wow...I haven't visited this blog since I frantically tried to complete the 23 Things. (didn't make it, oh well).

Hope to do better with this go around!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Week 9, Thing 20

I've heard of YouTube but never really checked it out. I think it can be used as a great cheap marketing tool for libraries. It is also a good venue for freelancers or new artists trying to get their work seen. I heard on NPR a story about advertising and how YouTube is replacing some of the more traditional tv and radio ads. Very cool.

I used to work for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. I recently visited their site and saw they are using RSS feeds and made a YouTube short to thank VA legislators for supporting certain legislation. Using these types of tools and resources makes it easier to target the younger crowd - a segment CBF has had difficulty reaching. All sorts of uses for this cool stuff!

Week 8, Thing 19

This was fun. I chose simply by how funny the name sounded. I checked out:

I'm easily entertained.

Week 8, Thing 18

I like this a lot. I like the idea of saving some of my work documents
here. Then I can "work from home" but actually fly to Paris**, access
my work, send a few things out and not have to use a personal day. Woo

I like to add a post script to Week 7, Thing 15:
I wrote
that many of our patrons do not have the money for the tech gadgetry.
But they do not have to- it's free (mostly). Duh. They can do all of
things that I am doing from apc at the library. Transforming.

** I am now on a Barcelona kick. I need to change my Avatar. There is Madrid background- which is close enough for me!

Week 7, Thing 17

I created a account and added my blog to the fave blog list. Is there tool to manage all of these accounts?

Week 7, Thing 16

I like wikis. For me, they are a starting point. I like the links that allow me to go off on a tangent- which I often do and then forgot what I was originally researching. However, with a capital H- when working with patrons I stress and then stress again, that the information must be verified and not taken as hard fact.

I recently learned someone did research into who changes and updates info found in wikis. The findings reveals that most of the editing is done by companies that have been dissed; they change or eliminate the offending matter. Geez louise, exhibit some decent principals, please.

Week 7, Thing 15

I suppose the supreme mission of a library is to serve the needs of its patrons. My library is in a rural area where cell phone and other internet connectivity is spotty and sometimes nonexistent. And most of my patrons are older or do not have the money for gadgetry and so it is not a part of their lives. So, my library remains rather old school. And I actually like that. However, it is good for me to know how things are evolving so I can take what will work for my library and patrons and improve services.

Just the other day I conducted a basic internet how-to with a patron. She is a William Blake aficionado and so we used William Blake to practice and explore doing a search. We came up with the wiki type sites and also some blogs. She had no concept of a blog. After viewing a few she said "this can be transforming" meaning how your life can change by connecting with the "right" person. WOW. She just bought a laptop from Walmart and she is ready, having just turned 60, to transform her life. That's what it is about. Can I get an AMEN?!